New book

I started writing a new book today. It’s a collection of suicide notes. I bet I’ll have a hard time getting it published as it’s essentially a collection of flash/short fiction and that stuff doesn’t really sell, but I can probably get a small press company to publish it. If all else fails, samizdat publishing is easier than ever in this modern age.

Basically, I have a knack for creating characters who seem real and I want to show that off. Some of the notes are one-liners and others are pages long, but each one is written by a fully developed character. The trick to writing is creating a good character. As soon as you have a good character, you barely have to think about it because you know the character so well that you know exactly how they’d react and what they’d say in different circumstances. Obviously since suicide notes are meant to be read by people who know the person who wrote them, I can’t really go into much history because that wouldn’t be believable (one so far goes into some detail of personal history but this character posted her note on the internet for everyone to read). Because of this, I have to find creative ways to drop hints about the person’s history and personality.

I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going. Maybe I’ll post some excerpts for comments.

And in keeping with the theme of suicide, here are some random suicide facts: the suicide rate spikes during the holiday season (Thanksgiving-Christmas); left-handed people are more likely to commit suicide; more people commit suicide on Friday than on any other day of the week; if someone close to you commits suicide, you are 40% more likely to commit suicide; men often choose more violent means of suicide than women; over 1 million people commit suicide per year, and there are an estimated 10-20 million non-fatal suicide attempts per year; it’s the leading cause of death for people over 35 and the 10th leading cause of death worldwide.