My thoughts on SCUM

So I just added a link to Valerie Solanas’s SCUM manifesto, not necessarily because I agree with it 100%, but because I respect it for trying to insite a true revolution. A lot of what she writes has some elements of truth, and she’s often treated as some sort of psycho survivalist. Being an anarcho-syndicalist and political writer, I know what this feels like. Since I was 10 I have felt that there was something very wrong with society, and as I got older I began to realize that the things wrong with society are mostly the results of men’s insecurities. Men are an opressive force which women must cast off, but the problem is that, as Solanas points out, most women have been brainwashed by men into being completely submissive simps. I certainly don’t think that every man is evil, just that most of them are. Also, I don’t think that every man wants to be a woman like Solanas suggests; I just believe that most men realize on some level that “manhood” is a sham and that they are afraid of confessing to who the really are. A study showed that 100% of men tested who had violent homophobic tendancies show signs of latent homosexuality, so it’s obvious that their “manliness” is some sort of facade to prevent the world from realizing that they’re really fags. I seriously think that the world is in need of a revolution, and I hope it comes in my lifetime. I don’t want to live my whole life in a oppressive power-centric society.