Freaking parents

My dad’s major problem with me transitioning is that he’s disturbed by the fact that I’m lesbian-identified. I don’t know why this bothers him more than if I liked guys. I suppose it’s because I wouldn’t be a “normal” woman.

Anyway, I was just talking to my mom about it, and she randomly asked “If you’re going to be a woman, why do you care about the gays?” I had no clue what this was supposed to mean, so I asked her. She just repeated the question, so I told her that it made no sense. I kind of got the feeling she was asking why I’m into the gay rights movement. Anyway, finally she said in an angry tone, Are you going to be a gay woman?” So I said “Yes.” She rolled her eyes and stormed out. The thing that bugs me is that my mom, despite being religious, claims to be gay-friendly and has told me she’s always voted for gay rights in her church council.

I don’t know why my sexuality bugs my parents so much. It makes no sense to me.