My future wife

For several years now I have been in love with Regina Spektor. She rocks my world.

The best movie ever

I have been watching Pink Floyd The Wall on repeat since 4:30. I do this from time to time. Besides 2001: A Space Oddyssey, the Wall is my favorite movie. When I was a kid, it was my favorite cassette tape until my dad accidentally smashed it. (He made it up to me later by buying me the 2-disc CD.) Among my favorite parts is the scene in which young Pink is going through what is presumably his father’s trunk. First he puts on the cap from his father’s military uniform, then he admires his razor, then he opens a box of bullets and gently carresses them with his finger. Next it cuts to him dressing up in his father’s full military uniform. I think this little bit is a glaring statement on gender and masculinity in particular. It’s especially interesting looking at it through a trans lens: Just as I would play dress up in my mother’s clothes and pretend to be a woman, he is playing dress up and pretending to be a man.

I also like the “Mother” sequence mostly because that’s one of my favorite songs (no, I never played voyeur on any of the neighbor girls). Also I like how the woman undresses and her man is more interested in whatever he’s watching and treats her like an obstruction. And I like when Pink goes insane and speaks at the Nazi-like rally (the crossed hammers insignia is going to be my next tattoo once I decide where to put it; one would think the arm would be best but my arms are already taken by far superior tattoos). And I really identify with young Pink in the “Another Brick in the Wall” sequence when his teacher humiliates him for writing poetry. We artsy fags get no respect as children.

Beck is a god

When I get bored I like to watch random Beck videos. Here are two of my favs:

Sexx Laws is by far the best video ever. Can’t go wrong with a banjo-playing zebra.

I like the random guy in the background.

I have a huge crush on Grace Slick, btw…

I want to travel back in time and marry Grace Slick. We would then run away to found a commune and eat lots of mushrooms. *sigh* Dreams…