So my doctor prescribed Premarin and spironolactone for my HRT. I wasn’t sure what to expect so I went online and did some research and found out the most people say that the injection (Progynon) has better results. I went back to my doctor to ask her about this and she told me just to stick with what she prescribed. Well, I decided to go over her head and get some Progynon and needles and see how the shot goes for a couple months. I was on Premarin before when I tried (and failed, as I have said) to transition in 2007, so I know more or less how it goes on that drug. If I don’t see more desirable results in 6 months with the Progynon, I’ll go back to what she prescribed. I know it sounds a little fishy, but I just want the best results. I don’t think my expectations are too far out or anything, I understand the limits of any hormone regimen and I know what to expect from extended treatment. I just figure the whole community of transsexuals on the internet can’t be completely wrong.