The Christian creation myth

So in both versions of the Bible that I am reading (Amplified and Apologetics Study), the fruit-bearing trees, birds, and animals are referred to as having been created “according to their kind.” This, to me, would suggest that god had some sort of form or template in mind when creating these things, and they were simply made material (presumably from a spirit source). This strikes me as similar to the Greek philosophical idea that every physical instance of something is merely an interpretation of a higher, perfect “form” (I believe it was Plato who thought up this one, or at least he popularized it). The best way to explain it is that the physical world is really a world of shadows or reflections cast by these forms.

Also, thanks to the ASB, I realized that there are time problems present in the creation myth. First, in Gen 1:1-2, it is not made clear whether the earth was plunged into darkness immediately or if this happened at a later date (according to the ASB, some New Agers use this ambiguity as an argument for time for a lost civilization, which I like because I happen to believe in the LC theory). Also, it is not made clear whether the six days of the creation were consecutive or even 24-hour days. This is an argument old Earth creationists use.

Furthermore, man and woman are created twice in the Bible. This woman could have been Lilith, the mother of the vampires. It’s an old pseudo-Christian myth that never really made it into the Bible, but basically Adam had an affair with Lilith and the resulting children became the Christian demons. Later, Lilith named herself Queen of the Demons and began abducting boys and young men and turning them into vampires.