I have a lot of crazy dreams, and I frequently have lucid dreams and false awakenings. I spend a lot of time (10-12 hours) sleeping simply because of my dreams; they are so fucking fun!

Anyway, last night I had a dream that Satan was abducting members of my family and replacing their hearts with high-tech car console systems with touch-screen displays. (I have no clue if this is meant to symbolize something.) Then, I had a false awakening and went into what became a lucid dream where a painting I’m working on came to life and scolded me for not having finished it yet! (It’s a portrait of Jean Dubuffet, in case you’re interested.) I had no good answer, as all I have to do with it is go through and add some definition to make the figure stand out more from the background, which I could easily do in one sitting. So, anyway, after electrolysis today I guess I’d better finish that painting, just to put the poor thing at ease so it doesn’t come back to life again! (When I woke up for real, I stared into the figure’s eyes for a good five minutes to make sure it wasn’t going to start talking to me again.)