Amanda Simpson

I suppose being trans I should at least say something about Amanda Simpson. In a nutshell, I think her being trans shouldn’t be a big issue. Quite simply, she’s the best person for the job. Almost 30 years experience, multiple degreees from good schools, and she’s a former board member of a huge national organization.

I think Rachel Maddow’s coverage of the topic was best. You can find it on the NCTE’s homepage. If it’s not still there, or you don’t care to look, allow me to paraphrase: “Shut the fuck up, right wing. This woman’s got qualifications coming out the ass.”

If you’re wondering why I didn’t say anything till now, it’s because I just heard about this whole thing on Sunday. You see, I get my news from CNN, which hasn’t said a single word as far as I know. That’s not to say they didn’t cover it at all; all I’m saying is I watch 40+ hours of CNN a week so one would think I’d have heard something if they covered it.