A win for the anarchists

So I went to work today to find a regular bitching at my boss about the government. This regular is an ex-Marine who served in Vietnam. My friend and I had been working at him for a long time, because we saw in him the makings of a great anarchist. Shortly after I gfot there he began talking about the $2 trillion that the fed lost this past year (it was supposedly for the “stimulus package”).  Seeing as how most anarchists these days start with a suspicion of the Fed, I told him, “This is why we should shut down the Fed” I was delighted to hear his reply: “Fuck shutting them down. Start it on fire and shoot them as they run out.” I was like, “Do you really feel that way?” He replied, “I want to see some pink spray coming from their foreheads.” I couldn’t be more pleased.

He’s already big on minorities’ rights. He used to teach school at an Indian reservation and is disgusted at how we treat the true owners of this land.

This guy is a baby-boomer, which is what makes him such a big win for us. Too often, anarchists are depicted as restless youth who don’t really know what they want. If we can win this guy over, we can win the average worker. Don’t stop at shutting down the fed; shut down the entire system. One day we will have our revolution. I only hope that day comes in my lifetime,


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