Minor setbacks…

So I’ve been off drugs since January 4th of this year. It was pretty easy for me to quit, honestly. However, I just started drinking again. So far tonight I have had a 6-pack of Bacardi Silver and half a 750 of Sailor Jerry’s. I have literally drunk till I puked. The problem with quitting drinking is the fact that it’s cheap and I don’t have to make a thousand calls to acquire alcohol. I’m hoping I’m able to quit this shit, because I really don’t want it to start eating up all of my money again. For a while I was on Naltrexone, but that made me even more depressed and suicidal than ever, which sucked because it actually worked to kill the booze cravings. Hopefully this is just a minor setback. I just need t find other, more productive, ways to occupy my time. I was doing a good job not drinking until I sold some art, then I thought, “Wow, now I have some cash to spend on booze.” Hopefully I’m able to cut this out. I know it’s just a minor setback and I’m sure that if I really put my mind to it I can stop. This is just a minor setback and I won’t let it get me down.


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