Immediate effects of startin transition

So even though transitioning is a long and tedious process, I have noticed some immediate effects. That is, my depression has lifted for the first time in years. It’s just the knowledge that I’m actually taking action on something I’ve wanted for all my life that has caused me great distress. I’m sure eventually this elation will die down, but for now it’s very nice not to be constantly suicidal and blue. My therapist is very excited, she says I’m doing the best she’s seen me do in 2 years. Also, it’s helped my dad become more accepting. When he saw how happy it made me, he seemed to realize how many of my troubles have been caused by being trans. I think he’s realized that it’s not a choice, because no one in their right mind would choose to be that miserable. I’m not sure how long this emotional high will last, probably until the first time someone I’m not out to finds out and calls me a freak. I plan on coming out to the rest of my friends in the coming weeks, starting with the ones I know for sure won’t have a problem with it. There are just two that I’m afraid of coming out to, and that’s because they’re pretty religious. But they also seem like the open-minded “you are as god made you” types, so my fears are probably ungrounded. I’m probably most likely to get harrassed by a total stranger who doesn’t know me, which I can handle (I don’t like most people I meet so I don’t really care what they think of me… I’m slightly misanthropic that way).


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