Transwomen: gay vs. straight

I’ve always wondered who has it easier, straight transwomen or lesbians. I always assumed lesbians had it easier, because straight transwomen probably have more to fear if their partner found out they were trans. I feel like genetic women are less likely to beat the shit out of their partners in “transsexual rage.” However, the HRC’s throwing transpeople under the bus shows that even gays think trans people aren’t “normal enough,” and the fact that The Man Who Would be Queen was a finalist for a Lambda Lit Award until a massive protest effort had the book removed from the list shows that even gay and lesbian cisgendered people can be misinformed about trans people.

I suppose it shouldn’t be about who has it easier. Each person’s circumstances are different, I guess, so I’ll just wait and see how easy it is for me to find a partner when I’m living full-time.


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