Weird interactions

I just had a weird interaction with a stranger. You see, even though I just started my transition, I’ve always been very androgynous (I was big into the genderfuck scene back home), despite being 6’2″. Anyway, a man just walked up to me while I was outside smoking and asked if I had a phone he could borrow. I let him borrow my cell phone and he ma’amed me (it always makes me feel good when this happens). Anyway, he called whoever he was trying to get in touch with and I assume whoever he was talking to asked where he was calling from. He replied, “This strange ma- woma- person let me borrow their phone.” Clearly he didn’t know how to refer to me. This happens quite a lot to me, and it’s always very awkward. Whenever it happens, the person in question always seems quite distressed, as if meeting someone who doesn’t conform to gender norms completely blows their mind. I hope that as I progress in my transition this will happen less, because I really don’t like causing people distress. Although, it really isn’t my fault. I dream of a world in which gender is fluid, and a person’s presentation wouldn’t matter quite as much. That world is probably a very long way off, if it’s even possible.


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